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Strong Fee Management

Bell - Strong Fee Management

Managing fees, maintaining complete ledger of students and funds is very tedious tasks, but you can easily manage these tasks with Bell. It can shows the full report related to fees and funds management.

  • Complete reporting of pending fees with single click.
  • Create reminder for pending fees.
  • Fully compatible with SMS pack
  • Generate advance Fee Bills.
  • Can impose any new fees during mid of session.
  • Easily refund fees.
  • Easily impose new fees to single student, class or whole school.

Transportation Management

Bell - Transportation Management

Having trouble in managing transportation? Or have you hired any third party transportation? No issue, Bell has the perfect transportation management feature through which you can easily manage the records.

  • Easily manage routes, stops.
  • Create reminder for vehicle documents expiries (Road tax permises, insurance, etc.).
  • Route wise attendance for students.
  • Keep track of expenses of vehicles.
  • Check vehicle wise profit and loss statement.
  • Keep record of driver.

Admission and Pre – Admission

Bell - Admission & Pre Admission

This feature gives you the option to manage the student record before and after admission to parents and guardians.

  • Prospectus sales.
  • Unique ID for all students.
  • Comprehensive admission form.
  • Keep complete details of parents and guardians.
  • Emergency contact facility available.
  • Previous education details can be recorded.
  • Customizable as per school standards.
  • Photo upload facility.

Student and Faculty Attendance

Bell - Attendance

Student attendance can be marked manually or import directly from biometric machine which means there is no room for errors.

  • Easy marking of attendance.
  • Note/Remarks for attendance can be given.
  • Different types of attendance report can be taken.
  • Department wise attendance reports for faculty.
  • Reports can be filtered using the available filters.
  • Integrate with hardware devices, RFID and biometric.
  • Send SMS for absent and present students.

Customized RFID Card Compatible with Biometric

Bell - Customized RFID Cards

It’s not an easy job to recognize the name of the students and to manage their attendance on the copy or on papers. So, Bell brings the best module in it that can manage attendance automatically with biometric machine.

  • Easy interface to design and print ID/RFID cards.
  • Bar code printing options for students.
  • Fully compatibility with biometric machines.

Library Management

Bell - Library Management

Bell gives you an outstanding module to manage school library where you can keep almost every record related to library and can generate reports required at the time of inspection.

  • Keep record of issue and return of books.
  • Apply fine for late return.
  • Keep track of write off books, magazines, etc.
  • Subscription and reciept of newspaper, periodicals and etc.
  • Fully compatible with bar code systems.
  • Generate bar code for books, students and teachers.
  • OPAC feature for students (Online public access catalog).

Academic with Result Cards

Bell - Academic with Result Cards

Through academic module you can keep record of students’ academic performance.

  • Can be customized according to any state educational board.
  • Graphical representation of student’s performance.
  • Parents can check student performance online.
  • Send SMS of student performance.
  • Send SMS for homework.

Inventory (Tuckshop)

Bell - Inventory

To manage the record of school inventory, Bell is best option for you. Read below about the more feature of this module:

  • Easily manage available stock like computer hardware, stationary and etc.
  • Make kits of uniform and books of different classes for sale.
  • Fully compatible with bar code systems.
  • Stock taking entry.
  • Advance billing can be done for students for upcoming month.
  • Complete accounts management.
  • Complete report of stocks, accounts, material issue, purchases.

Customized Certificate Generation

Bell - Certificate Generation

It’s not an easy job to create or to fill the certificate of each student manually. You can just give command in the software with the admission number of the student certificate with single click.

  • Certificates can be customized in your own wording.
  • Issue certificate to student.
  • Easily create a normal documents using smart tags.

Front Desk Reception

Bell - Front Desk Reception

With Bell you can easily manage your reception part. You can keep full record of queries, contact and many more.

  • Manage notice printing.
  • Handle all walk in enquiries and option to follow them.
  • Complete records of all Contacts according to their department.
  • Complete record for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Lead management system.
  • Generate gate pass for students.

Manage Users

Bell - Manage Users

This is the very interesting feature of this software. In this admin can manage the users according to his need. That means admin can give particular rights to particular person and he can also change their access also.

  • Admin can define access of s/w to different users according to their role.
  • Users wise fee collection reports.
  • View/Edit user’s password and privileges.
  • Check user wise log summary.

Custom Imports

Bell - Custom Imports

To import the whole data manually is very tough job. But now you can make it easy with Bell. Through this software you can import whole data whith single click.

  • Import student data.
  • Import date wise attendance records from biometric machine.
  • Import library book details.
  • Import Inventory details like items, suppliers etc.

School Calendar

Bell - Calender

You can easily manage the calendar with this software like holidays, events and many more.

  • List view of events, examination and holidays in the calendar.
  • Separate color for each action as categorized items above.
  • Monthly view of all events.


Bell - Accounts

Through this feature you can create the whole account record or you can check the daily entry and profit and loss statement.

  • Balance sheet preparation.
  • Day Book (Online).
  • Profit/loss statement.
  • Trial balance.
  • Ledger of all parties.

Auto Ringing Bell

Bell - Auto Ringing

There is another interesting feature in Bell that you can set bell ringing time in the software according to school period timings.

  • Customized timing setting.
  • Bell can be listen to whole school (Depend upon the speakers)
  • Time saving